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I’m Ozgur. I am a software developer.. I write code in go and elm most of the time. Like learning new things. Nowadays i’m working on improving golang skills, learning elm-lang and trying to learn spanish :D This blog is for sharing my projects and things i do in my spare time like developing web applications. Hope you’ll enjoy!!

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Nov 2, 2017

First Post

Hi, This will be first post here, i don’t like writing much but seeing people post on dev.to and sharing experiences made me think about writing what i like and what i do. Hope you’ll enjoy. First post will be about setting up this site. Story Part I had this domain ozgurodun.com for a long time, try to setup blogs a few time, but never commit any content. As i said before i am a lazy person when it comes to writing. ...Read More
Jan 18, 2018


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Jan 2, 2019


DOC: BBG678_OSS&KVKK_Ozgur_Burak_DINC.doc PDF: BBG678_OSS&KVKK_Ozgur_Burak_DINC.pdf PPTX: BBG678_OSS&KVKK_Ozgur_Burak_DINC.pptx PDF_Sunum: BBG678_OSS&KVKK_Ozgur_Burak_DINC_sunum.pdf


You can reach me via twitter and check out my github profile.

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